Why Chose Proclean


The professionalism delivered by ProClean Facility Services is truly unique and customized.

From tailored cleaning programs to highly reliable and trained staff, ProClean offers the most comprehensive and effective cleaning services in the industry.

Here are some of the reasons to choose ProClean for your cleaning needs:

To learn more, contact one of our sales reps for an in-office evaluation, service estimate, and overview of our commercial cleaning services.

With our services, you’ll be left with cleaner surfaces and better air quality, reducing the spread of sickness and resulting in a healthier workplace.

Surfaces may appear clean on the surface, but ProClean ensures your facility is fully sanitized and disinfected.
Through our microfiber program, we make sure there is no cross-contamination within your facility. All employees are trained and certified in the rules and requirements within the program.
We go above and beyond to ensure our clients are thrilled with their service.
Weekly account inspections are completed by our management team. Monthly customer quality control assessments are also done on site.
We promptly address our customers’ questions and concerns, especially regarding emergency clean-ups.
We use the latest cleaning technology to ensure the most effective and safe cleaning.