Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Man removing dirt from carpet with professional vacuum cleaner in room, top view

Although carpets often appear to be clean, an accumulation of allergens, skin flakes, grime, soil, pet dander, and other dust particles can be concealed within carpet fibers.

This type of contamination leads to the deterioration of air quality, having harmful effects on human health. These impurities – combined with day-to-day traffic of your business – can cause significant damage to your carpet over time. At ProClean Facility Services, our suite of cleaning solutions can help you maintain your carpet’s quality and appearance.

We offer tailored carpet cleaning services to protect your investment and improve your carpet’s overall appearance.

Our commercial cleaning machines dislodge dirt, dust, and debris from carpet fibers, preventing these contaminants from sinking deeper into your carpet. With ProClean’s maintenance services, you’ll prevent damage and keep your carpet in top shape, eliminating the need for replacement. We specialize in soil and spot prevention removal, which protects your carpet from outdoor soils and stains through a regular sweeping program, properly placed walk-off matting, and soil and stain repellent treatments.
While daily vacuuming and spot treatment are the most important steps in carpet maintenance, your carpets will periodically require deeper cleaning. This extra-strength cleaning keeps your carpets free of deeper contaminants, soils, and pathogens. Interim carpet cleaning involves both bonnet cleaning and carpet shampooing to loosen the soil on upper carpet fibers so they can be removed by dry vacuuming.
For high-traffic, neglected areas in which soils and other residues cannot be easily removed, restorative carpet cleaning can be the ideal option. One of ProClean’s restorative carpet cleaning services is extraction cleaning, which involves hot water and non-foaming cleansers that are forced into the carpet and immediately extracted by a powerful vacuum. Additionally, ProClean has many special treatment options, including odor counteractants, protective treatments, and other specialized applications.