Healthcare & Medical Facilities

It’s become increasingly important for healthcare and medical facilities of all types to maintain the highest level of sanitation and cleanliness for the health and safety of their staff and patients.

Using hospital-grade disinfectants, ProClean Facility Services provides a wide range of cleaning services for healthcare settings, including small clinics, physicians’ offices, and hospitals, among many others. All our services target infection control to prevent cross-contamination and adhere to OSHA and JACHO protocols.

Here’s what sets ProClean apart from other cleaning service providers:

If you have questions about ProClean’s professional cleaning services for your healthcare or medical facility, contact our team at (716) 313-2020.
At ProClean, we specialize in large spaces, using equipment that’s specifically designed to clean expansive flooring. We also use cleaning products that adhere to OSHA guidelines, always making health and safety our top priority.
The health and safety of our customers’ is always our top concern, which is why we use the most eco-friendly products and equipment in the cleaning industry to improve indoor air quality and eliminate harsh chemicals.
With any medical or health facility, proper sanitation and disinfection is paramount. ProClean’s cleaning services incorporate sanitation and disinfection to effectively kill germs and eradicate bacteria. Through a variety of specialized methods, as well as COVID-19 cleaning products, our staff will make sure all areas of your facility undergo our comprehensive disinfection process.
By maintaining your facility with our top-of-the-line cleaning services, everybody who enters your facility will feel comfortable, knowing that their health and safety is your primary concern.
Because a professional cleaning service is dedicated solely to delivering top quality service, you can rest assured your property will be cleaned with professional-grade equipment, products, and treatments. At ProClean, our promise to every customer is 100% satisfaction.