Gyms & Fitness Centers


ProClean Janitorial services many gyms and fitness centers throughout Western New York, with a focus on comprehensive sanitation protocols in keeping these types of facilities safe year-round for customers.

ProClean works with a wide range of health and fitness facilities, including health clubs, country clubs, yoga and pilates studios, and small boutique gyms, among others. Our team will always conduct a thorough cleaning of every area of your facility, including showers and locker rooms, machinery, and gym mat deep cleaning.

Here’s what you can expect by hiring ProClean for your gym or fitness facility:

If you’re interested in having professional cleaning services completed for your gym or fitness center, contact ProClean Facility Services and learn how we can help.

The health and safety of our customers is always our top concern, which is why we use the most eco-friendly products and equipment in the cleaning industry to improve indoor air quality and eliminate harsh chemicals in workspaces. 

With any health or fitness facility, proper sanitation and disinfection is paramount. ProClean’s cleaning services incorporate sanitation and disinfection to effectively kill germs and eradicate bacteria. Through a variety of specialized methods, as well as COVID-19 cleaning products, our staff will make sure all areas of your facility – including locker rooms, gym equipment and restrooms – undergo our comprehensive disinfection process.

By maintaining your facility with our top-of-the-line cleaning services, even your pickiest customers will feel comfortable utilizing your fitness facility, knowing that their health and safety is your primary concern.   

Because a professional cleaning service is dedicated solely to delivering top quality service, you can rest assured your property will be cleaned with professional-grade equipment, products, and treatments. At ProClean, our promise to every customer is 100% satisfaction.