Commercial Properties

Cleaning machine in the empty office lobby

With cleanliness and sanitation being top of mind for most employers, it’s essential that office spaces undergo routine cleaning maintenance.

We provide cleaning services for a variety of commercial and office spaces, working with business owners and managers to provide customized cleaning solutions. Our highly trained professional staff is committed to delivering top quality cleaning services that accommodate your needs and schedule.

Through regular cleaning services, ProClean Facility Services will enhance your space’s appearance and improve the safety of your property. Using advanced COVID-19 disinfecting products, as well as many other safe and effective treatments, ProClean’s team can provide the most comprehensive cleaning services to help you achieve optimal sanitation throughout your commercial space.

Whether you’re in need of daily cleanings, or prefer monthly services, we will work with you on a cleaning schedule that’s best suited for your building. At ProClean, we always strive to provide a sanitary and inviting facility for your staff, customers, and clients.

Examples of commercial spaces we work with include:

From comfort to health and safety, professional cleaning services is one of the best investments you can make for your commercial property. If you’re interested in learning about ProClean’s services, get in touch by calling (716) 313-2020.