Car Dealerships


At ProClean, our cleaning services are well suited for car dealerships which experience enormous amounts of foot traffic on a daily basis.

Using only the best products and equipment in the cleaning industry, our team provides thorough cleaning for all car dealership properties, cleaning front desks, offices, service bays, and showrooms. Professional cleaning is essential for customer impressions and sales, as the cleanliness of a car dealership is essential for business success.

At ProClean, you can expect the following from our services:

If you’re interested in ProClean’s services for your car dealership, get in touch and let us customize a cleaning schedule for your business.
The health and safety of our customers is always our top concern, which is why we use the most eco-friendly products and equipment in the cleaning industry to improve indoor air quality and eliminate harsh chemicals.
With any health or fitness facility, proper sanitation and disinfection is paramount. ProClean’s cleaning services incorporate sanitation and disinfection to effectively kill germs and eradicate bacteria. Through a variety of specialized methods, as well as COVID-19 cleaning products, our staff will make sure all areas of your dealership are fully sanitized, paying close attention to desks, offices, and bathrooms at your car dealership.

Outsourcing your car dealership’s cleaning to a professional service like ProClean can save you from having to rely on employees to perform these tasks. You’ll feel at ease knowing your property’s cleaning needs are being thoroughly met without compromise.

Because a professional cleaning service is dedicated solely to delivering top quality service, you can rest assured your business will be cleaned with professional-grade equipment, products, and treatments. At ProClean, our promise to every customer is 100% satisfaction.